Elections 2018: Songs and Anthems become life of Election Campaign


As election day fast approaches, political leaders have started gathering pace over their opponents in the hope of ousting them on the big day. As part of their campaigns, these leaders arrange huge political gatherings in the shape of Jalsas and host corner meetings to brief their party workers with new strategies.

Such political gatherings and meetings, however, can never be complete without songs and anthems that keep the supporters and workers entertained as they listen to their leader’s address side by side. Hiring DJs and playing political anthems to excite the supporters has become much of a trend nowadays.

Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf first started this trend when the political party announced its arrival to the political playing field back in 2011. Ever since that historic gathering, other parties have come up with original songs and anthems to ensure maximum turnout in such gatherings.

With the passage of time, engaging people by having these anthems played became such a necessity that independent candidates were also forced to have their own, original music composed.

The trend that has taken the political world by storm has greatly benefited musicians and poets alike who are hired to compose musical pieces in order to attract as many people as possible. Whether they are politically inclined towards the party or not, the musicians sometimes still opt to compose the music just to earn extra cash.