: Pirates on Tuesday hijacked a Pakistani boat, Salama 1, off the coast of Somalia with an unknown number of crew, US media reported.

Salama 1 is the second boat hijacked by Somali pirates in less than 48 hours. The first being an Indian-owned vessel, MSV Al Kausar, with 11 crew members, the Voice of America reported.

Gunmen took both the boats to an area known as a pirate haven.

Abdillahi Ahmed Ali, mayor of Hobyo town on the central Somali coast, told VOA Somali that Al Kausar was now anchored off the nearby village of El Hur. The Salama 1 was also reportedly headed to the same area.

Hobyo was a central base for Somali pirates who hijacked dozens of ships for ransom earlier this decade.

The mayor said his town had “rested” from piracy, but now fears re-emergence of hijackers.

The Salama 1 hijacking is the fourth piracy attack in three weeks.

On March 13, pirates hijacked the Sri Lankan-flagged oil tanker Aris 13. It was taken to the coast of Alula town in Puntland but released three days later, after regional Somali forces threatened force.

No ransom was paid although local officials said the pirates were given immunity from prosecution.

Then, on March 24, pirates seized the MV Casayr, a Somali fishing boat, to use as a “mother ship” to attack other ships at sea. Ten Yemeni crew aboard the boat were reportedly dumped on shore.