Interior Minister Chaudhry Nisar said on Tuesday said that there is no crackdown on social media, adding that the platform needs thorough checks and balances.

The Interior Minister was addressing a press conference at Islamabad where he discussed details of a meeting with all representative bodies of media including APNS, CPNE and PBA.

“Let me assure you with all the force in my command there will be no restriction on the social media but yes there will be red lines in line with the law and constitution of Pakistan,” said Nisar.

He said that the social media has a lot of reach, adding that the platform has no code of conduct and our values are under threat from it.

Nisar said that no restrictions are being placed on social media.

“Strict action would be taken against those who post offensive content even if they belong from the PML-N,” said Nisar.

He said that he had ordered action against those posting insolent things about Pakistan Army, adding that such posts had been appearing since two months.

He said that Pakistan has done a lot against blasphemous content.