British Airways has said that it will resume most flights today from Heathrow and Gatwick Airport following a major IT failure on Saturday morning. Here is the latest news on BA, live updates and flight departure status

British Airways has warned that more delays and cancellations are possible as it aims to restore normal services from London Heathrow and Gatwick airports.
Flights were grounded and thousands of passengers were stranded yesterday after a massive IT systems failure.
Heathrow and Gatwick airports have played host to chaotic scenes, with many criticising the airline for failing to update customers properly.
BA has denied that a cyber attack was to blame, instead citing a power supply issue.

Sunday May 28

7pm: BA’s CEO Alex Cruz has released a statement saying Gatwick is now nearly fully operation. He said Heathrow is fully operation for the airline’s long haul flights but delays should be expected.

He added: “I know this has been a horrible time for our passengers. On behalf of everyone at BA I’d like to apologise.”

Twitter, however, is still flooded with complaints from angry passengers.

3.55pm: British Airways could face a hefty compensation bill after this weekend’s travel chaos.

Malcolm Ginsberg, editor-in-chief at Business Travel News, says that EU denied-boarding regulations will apply to the airline and could force them to pay out huge sums.

“There is no question – the EU denied-boarding regulations will have to apply,” Mr Ginsberg said.

“They have broken all the rules and they will have to deal with it – it’s going to be a very expensive situation for BA.”

The majority of BA flights at Heathrow are now running as normal, albeit with some delays.

The 15.55 to Amsterdam, 16.05 to Zurich, 16.10 to Frankfurt are among the flights that have been pushed back.

The 17.05 to Stockholm, 17.15 to Biarritz and 17.25 to Dusseldorf have been cancelled.

1.10pm: British Airways has cancelled a number of flights departing from Heathrow.

The 13.15 to Athens, and 13.20 flights to Glasgow, Stockholm and Dublin are all delayed.

13.25 flights to Paris and Oslo have been cancelled, as well as the 14.00 to Toulouse and the 14.05 to Madrid.

There are some delays at Gatwick, but there are currently no cancellations on the departure board.

The BBC reports that between 6am and 11am today, 36 of the 143 BA flights scheduled to depart Heathrow were cancelled.

12.00pm: BA departures from Heathrow appear to be resuming.

The 11.50 to Thira is currently closing, however a flight to Stavanger at the same time is cancelled.

11.55 flights to Aberdeen and Glasgow have been delayed to 13.15 and 13.58 respectively, however flights to Bahrain and Dallas are scheduled to depart on time.

At Gatwick, the 11.35 Limoges took off eight minutes late, however all BA flights scheduled in the next few hours are set to take off on time.

10.00am: British Airways has said that it is “aiming to operate a near normal schedule of flights from Gatwick and the majority of our Heathrow services”.

However, a look at the Heathrow departure board shows that five of the next 10 BA flights are either cancelled or delayed.

Passengers have been advised to check the status of their flight before travelling to the airport.

Heathrow and Gatwick are providing updates on their websites, as is

Customers who do not have a confirmed booking for travel have been urged not to travel to the airports.

Those who are due to fly today or tomorrow have been given the option of rebooking their flights up to and including June 10.