I had a beautiful experience in my sketching club this morning, when I went to the club after about six weeks
On Tuesdays 22nd August 2017 all the artists get together and practice making portraits.

Mayor of DerbyA model from the community is arranged and we practice painting his/her portrait in different media i.e water colour, pastel oil paint.
As I said that after missing few sessions I went to paint a portrait this morning. I was amazed to see our modal for today.
The Mayor of Derby was sitting today.

He was in his full costume of unquestioned authority and high culture.

I experiencing both honour and pleasure at the same time , as well as a pressure in my head the I am painting a portrait of the Mayor.
I had a plan to paint with oil paint on canvas so I started and looked up in the first break after fourtyfive minutes .

That’s looking OK I said to myself while taking a sip of tea. I still had a fear in my head that what if this portrait doesn’t bring the specific qualities in the face enriched with the outfit, I will be very embarrassed.
Any way , I looked up again after fourtyfive minutes when the time was over and found that the other artists coming to my spot and praising my work.

Then even the Maier came and liked his portrait very much he loved it and is going to hang this portrait in his office in the Derby Council house. Which is a great honour for me and of course pleasure

Naheed Chatha