Wife of Haroon Bilour who died on late Tuesday night due to suicide attack at a corner meeting of Awami National Party, will contest elections from PK-78 constituency.

Talking to media men here on Wednesday, Danyal Bilour, son of slain Haroon Bilour, said his mother will now contest elections from PK 78 constituency (former PK-3 constituency).

Haroon Bilour’s wife is daughter of former minister of Sindh Irfanullah Marwat, and granddaughter of former President of Pakistan, late Ghulam Ishaq Khan.

In response to a question, Danyal Bilour said terrorists cannot succeed in browbeating their family from participating in the political process.

“The vests of suicide bombers will end, but our chests not,” Danyal remarked and hastened to add that “we will continue to take part in the democratic process of the country.”

“I and my mother will continue the mission for which my father, Haroon Bilour and grandfather, Bashir Bilour who sacrificed their lives,” he added