A target killer affiliated with a political party was arrested in a raid, near FB Area in the wee hours of Sunday, confirmed sources.

Irshad alias Kantap was involved in multiple cases of murder and attempt to murder. He recently returned from South Africa and was hidden at a home in FB Area.

Meanwhile, Sir Syed Police arrested at least three suspects for possessing narcotics and weapons. A case has been registered against the suspects. Korangi Police arrested an alleged drug peddler and street criminal.

On Thursday, another suspected target killer was arrested from Surjani town.

According to a JIT report, Zeeshan, who is affiliated with a party, confessed killing rival political opponents and five personnel of special branch in 2015. He also confessed of his involvement in taking extortion of at least Rs 2000 from shops and land grabbing in District Central.

The suspect said that in 2009, he along with his accomplices killed a political worker, Adil Lashari, and in 2013, a religious party activist, Abbas. He has also on record provided details of his involvement in multiple other murder cases.