A 24-year-old German woman was raped by unidentified men in Mamallapuram, around 50km from Chennai, on Sunday. The victim was part of a group of Germans touring the country.
The incident happened on Sunday morning as the victim was walking alone by a casuarina grove near the resort in which she was staying.
According to police, five German nationals had reached Chennai a couple of days earlier and had proceeded to Mamallapuram on Saturday. On Sunday, the women in the group had proceeded to take a sun bath on the resort’s private beach. The victim told others that she wanted to take a stroll along the coast. However, she strolled too far away from the private beach and, according to the police, had dozed off.
When she woke up, she was confronted by three unidentified men, who dragged her to a secluded spot by a casuarina grove, where her screams could not be heard. Officers investigating the case told TOI that they believe it was only one man who had sexually assaulted her.
“The victim told us that one of them was wearing shorts and a T-shirt while the other two were wearing only shorts,” the officer said.