Durand Line is the line demarcating the boundaries of India and Afghanistan. It was drawn up in 1896 by Sir Mortimer Durand. At present this boundary lies in POK (Pakistan occupied Kashmir). 3) Indo China Border : India shares 3,380 km with China.

The Durand Line (in red) between Afghanistan and Pakistan. … The Durand Line is a frontier boundary between Afghanistan and Pakistan. It was established after an 1893 memorandum of understanding (MoU) between Mortimer Durand of British India and Afghan Amir Abdur Rahman Khan.

Is there any border between India and Afghanistan?

So looking today’s context NO But , Legally YES . India claims it has boundary with Afghanistan due to it’s claim on all of Princely state of Jammu & Kashmir. But the area that borders Afghanistan is part Gilgit-Baltistan region which is controlled by Pakistan.

when was the border settlement made between pakistan and iran? The boundary with Iran, some 800 kilometers in length, was first delimited by a British commission in 1893, separating Iran from what was then British Indian Balochistan.

The Durand Line is the 2,640-kilometer (1,640-mile) border between Afghanistan and Pakistan. It’s the result of an agreement between Sir Mortimer Durand, a secretary of the British Indian government, and Abdur Rahman Khan, the emir, or ruler, of Afghanistan.