The KCNA news agency claimed the despot was satisfied with the technology, and had now ordered the weaponry be deployed throughout the rogue nation.

The agency said: “This weapon system, whose operation capability has been thoroughly verified, should be mass-produced to deploy all over the country … so as to completely spoil the enemy’s wild dream to command the air, boasting of air supremacy and weapon almighty.”

The KCNA did not reveal details of the launch but said it was organised by the Academy of National Defence Science – the agency behind the country’s nuclear weapons programme which has been blacklisted by the US Treasury.

It is yet another act of defiance by Kim and North Korea, in the face of UN sanctions and the escalating tensions with US President Donald
North Korea MOCKS Donald Trump and vows to obliterate America

The secretive state has been pushing hard to develop an enormous military arsenal at an unprecedented pace, including a long-range missile capable of striking mainland America.

In recent weeks the country has also made technical advances to its intermediate-range ballistic missile, and last conducted a ballistic missile test just a week ago.

Pyongyang claimed the missile met all technical requirements and could now be mass-produced, although outside officials and experts questioned the extent of its progress.

On Tuesday, the head of the U.S Defense Intelligence Agency Director Vincent Stewarts said that, if left unchecked, North Korea is on an “inevitable” path to obtaining a nuclear-armed missile capable of striking the America.

Appearing at a Senate hearing he declined to offer a time estimate but Western experts believe the North still needed several years to develop such a weapon.

North Korea claims it must develop a weapons programme to defend itself, particularly in the face of increased US aggression.

The United States has denied it plans to attack North Korea and maintains it is seeking a diplomatic solution to the crisis.

Last week US Defense secretary Jim Mattis said any any military solution would be “tragic on an unbelievable scale”.