Victoria falls

Victoria falls is the largest waterfalls in the world. Lake Victoria is the largest lake in Africa and the largest tropical lake in the world.


The height of Victoria Falls in meters and feet are 108m and 360ft. The highest recorded flow of Victoria Falls is 452,000 cu ft/s.

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The weather at Victoria Falls is rainy most of the time. It is most windy during nighttime. Now there is a thunderstorm coming at Victoria Falls. It says that the temperature is 22 degrees Celsius.


At Victoria Falls, many wildlife animals live here. There are crocodiles, cheetah, monkeys, lions, buffalos and rhino. The most common animals are Vervet monkeys and baboons. There is a large population of hippopotamus and crocodile found on the river above the falls.

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There are a lot of fun activities at Victoria Falls. You can do helicopter sightseeing, golf, horse riding safari and game drives. But my favourite one is golf because I like to keep on playing it.


Victoria Falls contains rare plants since it is nurtured by the spray coming from the falls. Pod mahogany, ebony, ivory, palm and wild date palm are the plants that you can find at Victoria Falls.

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Victoria Falls is the longest waterfall in the world. Lake Victoria is the 2nd largest freshwater lake in the world. Victoria Falls is in Zimbabwe and Lake Victoria is in Zambia. The things that build up Victoria Falls and Lake Victoria are: tourism, people, wildlife, weather and climate and its location. Lots of people from all around the world to sightsee this amazing sight!

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About 300,000 people visit Victoria Falls. Some people do activities such as bungee jumping (over Victoria Falls), swimming, shockwave adventures (boat riding) and fishing.

Bungee jumping

Bungee jumping over a 108 metre tall waterfall is very famous. You either will be very happy… or be eaten by crocodiles!

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Fishing is a very non risky sport. It is done at Lake Victoria and Victoria Falls. You may now think what fish anyway live there but you will be surprised because there are 39 species of fish at the bottom of the waterfall and 89 species at the top!


There are a variety of animals in Lake Victoria and in Victoria Falls such as baboons, caracals, white hippos, lions, African elephants, zebras and leopards.


Caracals live all around Africa. They are 600-950mm tall but could amazingly jump

as high as a basketball hoop! (And just so you know, this is not a simile.) They are an endangered species.

White Hippo

White Hippos live near Lake Victoria. They are very dangerous that sometimes they could be more dangerous than lions!

African Elephant

African elephants live all around Africa. Their ears are shaped like the actual continent of Africa!

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There are lots of things that happened to Victoria Falls and Lake in the past. Victoria Falls was founded by James Livingstone in 17 November 1855, during his 1852–56 journey from the upper Zambezi to the mouth of the river. The lake was first sighted by a European in 1858 when the British explorer John Hanning Speke reached its southern shore while on his journey with Richard Francis Burton to explore central Africa and locate the Great Lakes.

Fast Facts

Victoria Falls is 108m tall and about 1700m wide. The flow rate is 1088 metres cubed/second.

Lake Victoria’s surface area is 68,000 feet. It’s deepest point is 83m and an average of 40m deep.

Victoria Lake and Falls

Victoria Falls is the largest waterfall in the world. Lake Victoria is second largest fresh water lake in the world. Victoria Falls is located in Zimbabwe and Lake Victoria is located in Zambia. The thing that built up Lake Victoria and Falls was, tourism, people, wildlife and climate.


In Victoria Falls there are many different species of fish. In the bottom of Victoria Falls lives 39 species of fish and on the top of Victoria Falls lives 89 species of fish. Animals above the water are buffalos, hippos and much more.


David Livingstone was the first European to view the falls on 17 November 1855 during his journey from upper Zambezi to the river. David has been told about the falls before he even reached the river. Livingstone has been impressed by Victoria Falls because it was named after honour to Queen Victoria.


In Victoria Falls, there are many different activities you can do like bungee jumping off Victoria Falls Bridge, swimming in Devil’s Pool or sightseeing. A famous feature is naturally – formed Devil’s Pool, near the edge of the falls on Living Stone Island on the Zambian side. Surely Bungee Jumping 11 meters of Victoria Falls Bridge has to be one of the most challenging, terrifeying, crazy things to do. This activity is the most popular since 1955. There is only one company opreating the Bungge Jump and they are calld the Zambezi Adrenaline company.


In Victoria Falls it is currently a thunderstorm with winds up to 8km. The climate today is 30 c or 18c. The rain fills up Victoria Falls with water up to 5ft.

Pictures. Mohammed Safdar