PPP-Parliamentarians President Asif Ali Zardari on Monday said the era of dictators ruling Pakistan has ended, and held the PML-N responsible for letting former president Pervez Musharraf leave the country.

During his speech at Mochi Gate in Lahore on the eve of Kashmir Day, the PPP-P leader said: “The time has come when no dictator can set his sights on the power.”

Zardari blamed the incumbent federal government for letting Musharraf leave, saying: “They say ‘we will bring Musharraf back.’ I request journalists to go through the proceedings of Musharraf’s case. This [PML-N] government had told the court that they don’t object to Musharraf going abroad. Hence, when the government did not object, the court also let him leave.”

Zardari reminded his audience of the sacrifices he and his party have made for the sake of democracy, claiming that they even declined Musharraf’s power-sharing offer.