Hearing of the Panama Leaks case has been adjourned till the first week of January.

The decision was taken when the case was heard of Friday by a five-member bench.

With Chief Justice Anwar Zaheer Jamail set to retire on December 31, the case will be heard by a new bench.

“I am retiring,” Chief Justice Anwar Zaheer Jamali said. “After full court reference I will not sit in any bench.”

Explaining his decision the CJ said, “This hearing should not be considered partial. The Panama Leaks case will be heard by a new bench.”

He said he wanted all parties to get an equal chance to present their case. “A commission will allow all parties to present their case. If I say that the documents are correct, then the other parties will say that they did not get an equal chance,” he said.

He said that he respected all parties for believing in the bench.

Justice Saqib Nisar will take oath as Chief Justice on December 31.

PTI decides against commission

A five-member bench led by CJ Anwar Zaheer Jamali resumed hearing on Friday over petitions filed by Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) and other parties.

In the last hearing, the Supreme Court had asked all parties to decide over the formation of a commission. The commission will comprise one judge and be able to call anyone as part of the probe.

During the proceedings today, lawyer for Prime Minister’s children Akram Sheikh told the court that whatever decision the bench takes over formation of the commission is acceptable to him.

PTI’s lead counsel Naeem Bukhari however said that they would boycott proceeding of a judicial commission. The PTI on Thursday had said that it was not in favour of forming a commission.

“We feel that the bench hearing the case is qualified,” he said. “The Supreme Court should hold a hearing on daily basis,” he added.

The Jamat-e-Islami supported decision of making a commission, adding that the Supreme Court should also formulate the Terms of Reference.

PML-N leader says PTI is running away from the proceeding

Speaking to journalists after the hearing, Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) leaders said that the PTI was running away from the commission.

“We had predicted that they will run away from the hearing and this is what they are doing,” Tallal Chaudry said. “When Imran Khan was unable to give an answer he said there are discrepancies in the Prime Minister’s speeches,” he said.

State Minister Anusha Rahman said, “Imran Khan has established a new high for indiscipline at the court. He means to say that the nation should accept his decision.”

“For us whatever the SC decides is acceptable. Commission or no commission,” she said

Have faith in the SC: Imran Khan

Speaking to journalists outside the Supreme Court before the hearing, Imran Khan said that he had complete faith in the Supreme Court. “I hope that the hearing is conducted by a larger bench of the Supreme Court.”

Awami Muslim League chief Sheikh Rasheed said that so far all the commissions which had been created had not met expectations of the public.