The federal government has moved on Thursday to cut supply line of protesters belonging to two rightist movements who have camped in the outskirts of the capital for the past 18 days protesting against a controversial amendment in the constitution that has been reversed.

Reportedly, the government has placed more goods’ containers on Murree Road and all entry points of Faizabad area are shut.

The development has come in a couple of hours after interior minister Ahsan Iqbal announced that the government would not surrender to illegal demands of Sunni Tehreek and Tehreek Labbaik Ya Rasool Allah.

Before federal minister’s statement today, a government delegation led by Iqbal convened over five sittings with representatives of the protesters but all ended in failure.

The government has decided to shut street lights around and across Faizabad and close down all the food stalls in the area to force the sit-in protesters out.

On the other hand, the two rightist fronts are adamant that law minister Zahid Hamid tenders his resignation however the interior minister cleared today that a parliamentary committee put forth the amendment.