A research study carried out in Britain has shown that Married people live more content and blissful lives than unmarried people. The study was published in journal of ‘Happiness Studies’.
The study was based on a research period of 18 years spanning from 1991 to 2009 during which, information of 30,000 people was gathered and processed.

The analysts observed the relationship between husband and wife after their marriage as well as their friendship in context.

The researchers found that married couples display more trust and form a cohesive bond over the years which continue even to the old age.

The researchers revealed that the essence of a happy marriage is friendship between the couple.

While on the other hand, the analysts observed that unmarried or single people find it difficult to harbor contentment in their lives even if they are socially engaged.

They also claimed that even if people do not wish to marry or find it unnecessary, they still fail to actualize the amount of contentment that the married couples experience in their lives.