Seven years on, solar panels installed along GT road fail to function


Solar panels installed through a private company almost seven years ago in Amanabad and Kamoki along the GT road under a development project of the National Highway have failed to operate even for a single day.

While some panels of solar lights are missing, others have no batteries. To worsen the situation, no department or organisation is willing to own the project leaving it incomplete and rendering it useless.

Due to the failure of these solar panels to generate electricity, street lights are not working resulting in several road accidents.

G.T. road is one of the busiest roads of Gujranwala, locals say the issue of the non-functioning street lights should be taken seriously. Photo: Screengrab

Citizens, too, have complained that since the installation of these streetlights, they have never seen them operating even for a single day. Some said that while the project was a good plan, it was useless since it failed to provide illuminate streets and roads.

“This project was a wonderful initiative by the Government of Punjab but now without any lights it has become an issue for the commuters”, said Muhammad Aslam, Chief Officer Municipality Tehsil Kamoki.

GT road is one of the busiest roads of Gujranwala. Locals say the issue of non-functioning streetlights should be taken seriously and necessary steps be taken to make the solar panels functional.