A pro-Islamic terrorist from a terrorist organization with roots of Morocco was sentenced to life imprisonment with a minimum 16 years of sentence. The woman had plotted the first attack of women terrorists in Britain. Rizlene Boler’s mother Meena Ditch was born in Morocco. Meena confessed to helping her plot a plot of 22 years old daughter, after which she was sentenced to six years and nine months in jail. She was also sentenced to five years in prison for surveillance.

Rizlene’s friend Khawla Barghothi was sentenced to two years, four months in jail. She had confessed to having known about the plans of a knife attack in Westminster, the political stronghold of London. Rizlene had planned to create an atmosphere of fear by knocking people near the Palace of Westminster in April last year. Rizlene is the mother of a child and she adopted her plan of attack due to her sister Safa Bolar (18) in custody. Safa Bolar, associated with ISIS, was convicted of planning terrorist attacks in Britain and Syria and later sentenced.