Visit to Haram mottahir Imam Ali Raza a. s. Rehana Bukhari


Visit to Haram mottahir Imam Ali Raza a. s. was no doubt the most significant place with regard to its extraordinary sanctity in the city of mashed. It’s a 1600 miles away from the city of win, Iran. It’s a holy city due to visit by a large number of zaireen throughout the year .
Imam Ali Raza a. s.(766-818) was the descendent of holy Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) stood 8th imam in the 12th asana ashari silsila of shiite and the most masoom and renowned for his ibadaat .He was the most pious, learned and knowledgeable Imam and had compiled many
He soon gained popularity amongst the masses and taughtt them righteous path and guided them towards the message of peace and love as preached by prophet of Islam. But unfortunately his day by day popularity made the Abbasid Khalifa al-mamun uneasy and made conspiracy to kill the waqt Imam by giving him poison in the grapes. He was buried in the city of Khorasan now called mashad, Iran .Imam Reza was preceded by his father Hazrat Musa al-kazim and succeded by the 9th Imam Muhammad taqi al jawad smith most innocent Imam of silsila. He held the position of imam due to divine command and decree of his forefathers.

According to a recent khatab by a shia scholar the fact even I was ignorant with that all the Muslim’s were shias during the last prophet Muhammad(pbuh) era ,pious caliphate,ummayad(except for amir Muawiya, his son yazid may curse be upon them) abbaside and the most cruel phase came when haroon ur Rashid ascended the throne and announced publically why the shias were dominating everywhere.So he took many drastic steps and change the colour of the ⛳ from black to green the traditional colour of prophet Muhammad (plug) and hazer Ali a. s.cloak and ordered minting of the coins in the names of al-mamun.
Imam Ali Reza had persuasive tongue and leadership qualities and that was the reason he summoned a large number of gatherings and delivered speeches in front of the Khalifa.his speeches had been recorded in shia sources of books and has been widely quoted by the scholars in their write ups.
He is author if al risala al dahabian (the golden treaties) which was a book on medical cures. Another most striking collection of his master pieces were al sahifas which again is the collection of hadiths and fiqa of al Reza a. s. which, are available in the mashad and in the Quran museum situated in his mausoleum .

In short Imam al Reza would be remembered ever and ever due to above mentioned qualities of speech ,his power of pen and his immortal innocence which is the great trait of all amima e masoomeen.
His resting place in mashad is the holy place to be visited by his followers with their firm believe that he never sent anybody back disillusioned rather all his or her wishes come immediately true and as a symbol of happiness there are present a band of musicians who use to beat the drum if any moajza happened to anybody .May Allah almighty accept this small khidmat of me and grant His blessings on us in every walk of life. Ameen

Rehana Bukhari From Mashed,Iran.