A police report on Tuesday found the wife of Additional Sessions Judge Raja Khurram Ali Khan, Maheen Zafar responsible for torturing 10-year-old made Tayyaba.

The report —citing an earlier medical report — said that there were 21 torture marks found on the body of the little girl.

“The DNA test revealed that Mohammad Azam and Nusrat Bibi were the real parents of Tayyaba”, the report added, which would be submitted to the Supreme Court tomorrow.

Statements of four neighbours of the suspects were also recorded who told police that Tayyaba was living a miserable life in the residence of Raja Khurram Ali Khan.

They said that the maid was not even given a blanket despite severe cold at the time of sleeping.

The case of the alleged torture of the child maid caught the media’s attention after she was recovered from the residence of Raja Khurram Ali Khan.

The minor girl, whose face and hands bore torture marks, had initially denied being hurt by her employers. She told the police that she got a wound to her eye after falling from the stairs, while her hand was also burnt accidentally.

However, the poor girl narrated her ordeal after being politely inquired by a female magistrate later. She stated before the magistrate that she was beaten and her hand was burnt on the stove for losing the broom.

The Chief Justice took Suo moto notice of the case, however, the child and her father mysteriously disappeared but were later found by Islamabad Police in the suburbs of the federal capital.

The Supreme Court earlier decided that Tayyaba will stay at Pakistan Sweet Homes, an orphanage, till her parents are identified.

The court will resume the hearing of the case tomorrow.