Politician Saleem Shahzad reached the Anti-terror Court on Tuesday, where he sent to jail on judicial remand.

He was handed over to an investigation officer in former petroleum minister Dr Asim Hussain’s case. Speaking to journalists, he expressed his faith in the courts.

Investigation officials said that 23 cases had been registered against the former MQM politician who was arrested from the airport on Monday, as he returned to Karachi after ending a self-imposed exile. Of them three cases have been registered in Joharabad, while three cases have been registered in various police stations of Karachi. The politician has been acquitted in four cases, while 14 cases were closed in accordance with the NRO.

Investigation officials told Geo News that they were trying to reopen cases for Saleem Shahzad, however they were facing difficulties as the case files had gone missing.

Relatives of the Saleem Shahzad were present at the court with his medical reports. They maintained that the politician was seeking treatment for cancer, and he should be released.