After the weeks-long protest that virtually paralysed the capital and saw several people losing their lives, the government has finally given in to the demands of protesters camped out at Faizabad Interchange with Zahid Hamid resigning as the Federal Law Minister.

The protest leaders called off sit-ins that have been hampering daily life in cities across the country after their list of demands were accepted by the government.

The minister’s resignation comes in the aftermath of Saturday’s bot­ched operation against protesters at Faizabad and ‘successful negotiations’ with leaders of the demonstration late Sunday night, official sources and state broadcaster PTV say. Six people were killed while hundreds were injured during the operation that was eventually suspended.

Sit-ins called off
TLY leader Khadim Hussain Rizvi while addressing a press conference at the protest site ordered his followers all over the country to end the sit-ins and go home. He also announced an end to the strike being observed today and called for opening businesses and shops.

He said the protesters camped out at Faizabad will depart from the protest site within 12 hours, as soon as implementation of the agreement reached with the government is started.

Rizvi said he and his followers had set out towards the capital solely for the protection of Khatm-i-Nabuwwat.

He alleged that propaganda had been done against his group to create the impression that they had been sent by someone to Islamabad.

The army chief and his representative Maj Gen Faiz Hameed acted as guarantors for the agreement, Rizvi said.

He lashed out at media representatives for not showing his press conference live.