World Disabilty Day was celebrated in Beaconhouse School


4th of December 2017:World Disabilty Day was celebrated in Beaconhouse School System here in purpose built campus Abbottabad  to encourage and give these special children a  platform to express themselves.BSSA believes in giving an emphatic shoulder to such special children.Through thiss selfless act of kindness BSSA wants to play its part by contributing and voicing their needs to the broader society.The program began with HM-Aisha Nasim donating generously followed by other online donors,parents and students contributing wholeheartedly to the cause.

World Disabilty Day2

Chief minister Mushtaq Ghani graced the occasion and promised to provide any support in future.Capt Gulsher (Col Qasim Shah) from Alpha Bravo Charlie rejuvenated the program by  appreciating and supporting the audience for their donations.
The Kingston School children outshone through their exotic and heart touching performances.

The HM students and staff of BSSA are always there to support Kinston School in their struggles and we wish them all the best
HM-Aisha Nasim shared her thoughts at the end of the ceremony by saying that BSS believes in developing a habit of community and social work for the betterment of society as a whole. And taking this objective forward we at BSSA hope to lend an empathic shoulder to the students of Kingston School, Abbottabad.