Plantation for protecting the planet


Climate is a big challenge in the world which putting sever threat to Integrated Water Resource Management (IWRM), food security, environmental sustainability and economic growth. Its creating catastrophic events in Pakistan and entire South Asia region like flash floods, uneven weather footprint, fire in the forest at massive level and . Pakistan Youth Parliament for Water organized the 1st Plant for the Planet academy with 85 Young Climate Justice Ambassador at PakTurk International School & College Islamabad on 20th September with collaboration of Gomal Daman Area Water Partnership (GDAWP) to engage & empower the young students in Climate Change resilience, mitigation and adaptation sector through do plantation at larger scale.
In this workshop Mr. Aslam Khan (President GDAWP) hold the World Café with dividing all the students into four equal groups which was facilitated by the Teachers & Young volunteers. In this world café students discussed on multiple assumptions & perspectives on how to involve Media in social awareness regarding the climate change, plantation and advocacy. Furthermore they demonstrated that plantation is foremost needed to combat the climate challenges with involving the adults, parents, peers, other children for more plantation in vulnerable communities.
Each student planted one tree on their name in schools and promised to look after it till their schooling in the institute with their name tag. Students, teachers, and guest Mr. Aslam Khan (President GDAWP) as well as Director of the PakTurk School provided their assistant to students in planting trees to ensure strong inter-generational cooperation to secure the present and future of the Pakistan. Young student also convinced their teachers & guest to plant the 150 trees in other areas, organizing the meat free day at school canteen to reduce the corban emission level and playing small contribution in assuring global temperature desirable. Students also captured the witness pictures with their seniors to identifying the importance of tree plantation and said “Stop Talking-Start Plantation”. Brig M Aslam Khan (President GDAWP) motivated students to keep up the plantation process as small act can create the big change and contribution to save the planet for next generation.
Ms. Zerfishan Adnan (Vice President of PakTurk) conducted Rhetoric activities with students in which she provided the platform to improve the presentation and demonstration style of the young climate ambassadors. During the presentation student highlighted that there are two sources of carbon emission as natural and manmade in which second one is more dangerous but controllable as well with strong commitments and plantation. While students also presented that climate related worst events like heatstroke, uneven weather footprint, disasters , global warming are quite easy to combat with multi-stakeholders involvement , equal gender balance , youth, media campaigning and educational institutions.
Academy concluded with strong commitments of the young climate justice ambassadors for mobilizing other children, adults, media, and parents to have a massive plantation in Pakistan considering ourselves as a responsible of today and tomorrow.
Youth, Water and Climate Combining to have a water secured & climate adaptive world. Pakistani Young Generation is ready to make this planet a livable, peaceful and sustainable for current and next generation to ensure the sustainable Development. As Future Is Not-Not tomorrow. Each student received one Young Ambassadors Certificate, one book entitle Tree By Tree. Ms. Zerfishan Adnan (Vice President of PakTurk) thanks to team of Pakistan Youth Parliament for Water (PYPW) for organizing this activity and also promised to support young generation and PYPW for such as Climate & Water related activities in Local Institution.

Naveed Hussain