Karachi’s power journey, from city of lights to that of darkness


Karachi, which was once famous for being the city of lights, where evenings used to glimmer, is now no more the same city.

Thousands of residents are suffering in the sweltering heat of Karachi without any electricity. Shortage of water, prolonged load shedding and no gas has left the residents of Karachi clueless about how to live without basic necessities.

With long delays and excuses of shut down for maintenance, K-Electric has left the residents angry and frustrated.

“There is no gas, no electricity and no water. We are finding solutions to all these basic necessitates while the government isn’t doing anything about it,” said one of the residents while speaking to Dunya News.

Angry residents also complained that despite no electricity they continue to receive bills.

K-Electric’s mismanagement and lack of electricity provision to various parts of Karachi has left the city in darkness.