A meeting of the National Security Committee (NSC), the country’s top civil-military body, was held on Monday to discuss the situation arising out of the recent remarks of PML-N supreme leader Nawaz Sharif about the 2008 Mumbai attacks.

“The meeting reviewed the recent statement in the context of Mumbai attacks, as it appeared in the Daily Dawn of 12th May 2018, and unanimously termed this statement as incorrect and misleading,” said a press release issued after the 22nd NSC meeting held at Prime Minister’s House.

“The participants observed that it was very unfortunate that the opinion arising out of either misconceptions or grievances was being presented in disregard of concrete facts and realities. The participants unanimously rejected the allegations and condemned the fallacious assertions.”

It is pertinent to mention that the statement by the NSC did not name Nawaz while addressing the controversy around the ‘misleading’ comments about Mumbai attack.

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According to the handout, it was recalled during the meeting that the delay in conclusion of Mumbai attack case was caused by India, not Pakistan.

“Besides many other refusals during the investigation, the denial of access to the principal accused, Ajmal Qasab, and his extraordinarily hurried execution became the core impediment in the finalisation of the trial.”