Ink when mixes with oily foods can cause cancer’


Ink, although used in everyday objects like pens and printers, is consumed in great quantities, by the people, on a daily basis. Consciously or unconsciously, all of us are becoming prey of ‘black poison’ consumption especially when we use newspapers to serve oily food.

Health experts have termed its digestion as ‘extremely dangerous’ but that has not stopped the shopkeepers from using newspapers causing the unaware public to remain on the receiving end.

The ones who are prey to this are basically unaware of the fact that when buying their favorite snacks from such small stalls they are, in fact, causing grave danger to their body.

“The ink mixes with the oil that upsets the stomach and causes great distress to the body. Body weakness and fever are common amongst people who end up consuming ink. If this doesn t stop, it ultimately leads to cancer” said one health expert.

Even though doctors and concerned health experts often call out against the dangers of accidental consumption of ink, the authorities remain quite at the disposal of such foods.