Arif Alvi, next President of Pakistan: PTI does have majority


Now that Prime Minister of Pakistan has opted after due process, the next vital step at federal level is to elect President. PPP, PML-N, and PTI are trying hard to gain victory. PPP, PML-N, and their allies are on one side, while PTI and its allies are on the other. According to senior news analyst Salman Ghani, Presidential Election will be no different than that of prime minister one. PTI and its allies are prevalent over opponents. The foremost thing will be observing if opposition remains unified or disgruntled as it was in PM elections.

If Electoral College is considered there is one vote of every member of Senate and Balochistan Assembly while the other three provincial assemblies will get their proportion in accordance to number of votes in the smallest assembly which is Balochistan. In this case, there will be 65 votes of each assembly.