Interior Minister Chaudhry Nisar on Sunday said that the one who gave wrong news to the newspaper should be brought before the nation, adding that the distorted news has hurt national interest.

The Interior Minister was addressing a press conference in Islamabad and said that he wanted to tell facts regarding the English newspaper’s controversial news about an alleged civil-military rift.

“There never has been an incident of bitterness in meetings held between the country’s top civil-military officials,” he said.

Chaudhry Nisar said that he takes action over news stories and his ministry took notice of the English daily’s news.

He said that when an English newspaper published the controversial news the Prime Minister took a decision to have an initial inquiry into the matter.

Nisar said that he has support of interior ministry, legal team under law minister and others.

He said that in the meeting held on the day of Quetta tragedy, Army Chief had inquired about the progress of the investigation.

The Interior Minister said that he briefed those present that the inquiry and recommendations are complete and gave them the next to the PM.

“Always had pleasant meeting with the Army Chief,” said Nisar.

There always existed agreement between the civil, military leadership over the matter of non-state actors.

Nisar called it an utter lie that disagreement occurred over the matter of non-state actors as reported by the English newspaper’s journalist.

“If the journalist doesn’t agree then the matter should have been discussed with Editor and newspaper management,” said Nisar.

Rashid should have stopped journalist from publishing story

Chaudhry Nisar said that former information minister should have stopped the journalist from forwarding the wrong news.

Nisar while explaining the details said that the newspaper’s journalist had contacted Pervaiz Rashid as he wanted to talk to him regarding his story.

Rashid had called him to his office, said Nisar, adding that Rashid should have stopped him from publishing the news.

“Pervaiz Rashid should present his stance before committee and should not make it a media issue,” he said.

On Saturday, Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif took back the Ministry of Information, Broadcasting and National Heritage from Pervaiz Rashid, weeks after the military’s top commanders said a ‘false and fabricated’ newspaper report breached national security.

Journalist on ECL

While responding to a question about the journalist’s placement on the Exit Control List, Nisar responded that once he was handed over the responsibility of the task he received news hours later that the journalist is leaving. That’s when I placed him on the ECL, he stated.

The ‘fabricated story’ was an apparent reference to a news report published in English newspaper Dawn regarding a National Security Committee meeting which alleged a rift between civilian and military on the issue of tackling jihadi outfits.