In a turn of events tortured child maid Tayyaba’s father forgave the accused judge Raja Khurram, and his wife Maheen at the hearing of case in the sessions court on Friday.

“I forgive the judge and his wife in complete consciousness,” Tayyaba’s father Azam told the court. “I had come under the pressure of Supreme Court.”

Additional Sessions Judge Raja Asif told Azam he backed out on his statement earlier as well, saying he did not have to be scared as the court would protect him. But Azam assured that he can even give his statement in written form.

A bail plea for Maheen is still pending, said Raja Asif. He added the plaintiff Azam will have to submit an affidavit in the court so that the court could decide on the pending bail petition.

The Chief Justice took suo moto notice of the Tayyaba torture case, and after a few hearings it was transferred to the sessions court.

An inquiry report prepared by the Islamabad police has found additional sessions judge Raja Khurram Ali Khan’s wife Maheen responsible for torture on child maid Tayyaba and her husband of criminal negligence. The report will be presented as evidence in the Supreme Court.

The case of the alleged torture of the maid caught the media’s attention after she was recovered from the residence of Raja Khurram Ali Khan in January. The minor girl, whose face and hands bore torture marks, had initially denied being hurt by her employers. She told the police that she got a wound to her eye after falling from the stairs, while her hand was also burnt accidentally.

Later an inquiry report by the police, held the judge’s wife Maheen responsible for torture of the child maid Tayyaba. A medical report for 10-year-old Tayyaba states that there were 20 torture marks on her body.

Tayyaba, on orders of the Supreme Court, is staying at an orphanage Sweet Homes till the completion of this case.