A man has been arrested after trying to drive a car into a crowd in front of a mosque in the Paris suburb of Creteil, police said, adding that no one was injured.

Police said the man’s motives were unclear, and that he had not succeeded in driving into the crowd because of barriers placed in front of the mosque.

According to Le Parisien newspaper, the man said he had wanted to avenge attacks linked to Islamic State that have killed dozens in Paris over the past years.

According to the newspaper, the man, who was driving an SUV, tried several times to drive at the worshippers outside the mosque but was prevented by the high pavement and barriers.

“We saw the car drive three times round the mosque – it was very strange – and suddenly it drove very fast. As far as I could see, it was clearly trying to knock down the pedestrians,” a witness told the newspaper.

After crashing into another car, the man fled the scene but was arrested at his home.

Last week, a British man was charged with terrorism-related murder and attempted murder after allegedly driving a rented van into a crowd of Muslims leaving a mosque on the night of 19 June.