Election 2018: The decisive constituencies and the prominent politicians


Although every constituency has its significance for winning general elections and forming government at federal level, some cities of Pakistan play a very decisive role and attract utmost media hype. In General Elections 2018, an interesting, yet close competition is expected among candidates of various parties particularly in between the arch rivals PMLN and PTI. PTI is struggling hard since past few years to acquire the strong hold in Punjab to claim the rule in impending election 2018.

To validate the retreating proclamations made by PTI/PMLN and the competition stirring the electoral ground, Dunya News program has conducted a series of surveys in some politically significant constituencies which happen to be strong battlefields for the electoral warriors, specifically in Karachi, Lahore and Peshawar.

Lahore, a key to success

Lahore has always been a center stage for political parties to win from. General Elections 2013 proved to be in favor of PML-N which won a major chunk of seats from it. Out of 13 seats, it won 12 of them. Now that new delimitations have been completed, Lahore, as usual, will be a major place to win from. Another constituency has been added into it. So there will be 14 constituencies now. Within Lahore, vital ones of them are 124, 125, 127, 132, and 133.

Surveys clarifying elections results

According to program Headlines Survey Election 2018:

NA 131 The PTI chairman, Imran Khan is leading his constituency with 58 percent voters’ support while PMLN’s stalwart Saad Rafique on his home ground is in hot waters with 41 per cent.

NA 125 PTI s Dr. Yasmeen Rashid is to contest election from NA-125, former NA 120 this time, against Maryam Nawaz and still narrow competition is being expected. Amid the contemporary political scenario and accountability drive against Sharif family, extremely strict competition is expected in all these constituencies.

NA 129 PMLN’s Ayaz Sadiq is still leading in his stronghold peeving PTI’s Aleem Khan with a lead of 50% in comparison with 43% support in NA 129.
Other vital constituencies from Lahore where neck to neck competition is expected are 124, 127, and 132 from where members of Sharif family are going to contest.

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Karachi will also be a center of concentration

Karachi is the most populated city of the country and has rightly been called economic hub. It has the most seats of national assembly which are 21 in number. In 2013, MQM gained a land slide victory with 17 seats. In 2018 general elections, the situation seems to be different as MQM is highly fragmented.

The most vital constituency of Karachi, which will also be a center of concentration for media, will be NA-243 where Shehla Reza will contest against Imran Khan.

Bilawal Bhutto is going to contest from Lyari NA-246. It will definitely not be a plain sailing task for PTI to defeat PPP and MQM from their home town but there are ample chances of gaining multiple seats.

In NA-247, the survey delineates the lead for PTI against PPP.

Out of Karachi in Badin with the assistance of Mirza family, PTI can gain valuable support.

Tough time ahead for PPP from internal Sindh

Expected results from the internal Sindh are more in favor of PPP. For instance, in Khairpur, PPP is leading with 65 per cent while PTI does not stand a chance to win from here and in adjacent areas without the assistance of major political parties and families having strong local political roots.

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KP in the domination of PTI

The situation in Peshawar particularly and KP generally seems to be in favor of PTI.

According to data gathered in program Headlines’ Surveys, even in NA-16, from where Capt. Safdar is contesting, PTI is leading with 46 per cent while PML-N with 36 per cent.

The survey shows a setback for Molana Fazl ur Rehman. Interestingly, Rehman is losing his hold over his constituency NA-24 with only 36 per cent as compared to 39 per cent inclination of voter to PTI. Dera Ismail Khan which has been Molana’s stronghold seems to be getting out of his grip. Another crucial constituency is NA-9 of Mardan where PTI is leading with 48 per cent while ANP stands at 47 per cent, quite close competition is expected in other parts of KP as well.

General Elections 2018 are definitely going to change the political and democratic dynamics of Pakistan. This time a stiff competition can be predicted between PTI and PML-N especially from the major cities of the country. Although other parties have their presence in various parts of country, competition between