All discounted and economical in Faislabad’s Landa Bazaar


To make this Eid more memorable and more sweeten, everyone in their own way is preparing for the festivity. Some are busy in purchasing expensive and exclusive apparels and foot wares from Multi-storied air-conditioned Shopping Malls and from extravagant posh plazas whereas others are still ensuring to meet their ends while doing shopping for second-hand clothes.

All that is economical and available on first come first serve basis in Faislabad Landa Bazar, ensures not only the dignity of white collar strata, also delights their Eid too.

Faislabad’s flea market for used apparels and other items is flooded with the rush of the people looking for low-priced clothing.

Here, customers can buy a neatly pressed suit as cheap as Rs. 200 only. This market is widely being considered as a blessing for the people who cannot afford the pricey new dresses and shoes
Everyone on Eid desires to dress them up with new clothes. As soon as the Eid approaches, our business flourishes as well, said a shopkeeper in Faislabad’s Landa market.

To find a suit of choice from Landa Bazar, brings immense pleasure to the local deprived and destitute customer.