20th Jamadi al Thani Wiladat Bibi Fatima (as)


Heartiest Felicitations on the Happy and Auspicious Occasion of the Birth Anniversary of Bibi Fatima Az Zahra (A.S.)

“Surely We have given you (O Muhammad) Kawthar.” Sura Al Kawthar 108:1
It is narrated that, Aas bin Wa’il, one of the chiefs of the Pagan Quraysh, met the Holy Prophet as he was coming out of the Masjidal Haram and engaged him in a long discussion. During that time the other idolaters were looking on. When Aas reached them, they asked him who had he been talking to and he replied, “With that Abtar!” (tail-less, i.e. one whose progeny has been cut off).This was a reference to the death of Qasim and Tahir / Abdallah sons of the Prophet from Sayyida Khadija a while back. This was a derogatory reference to the fact that the Prophet had no surviving issue.
At that time the chapter Al Kawthar was revealed. Kawthar has a vast inclusive meaning which is goodness in abundance. From the occasion of the revelation we believe that the glad tidingsof Kawthar Allah had allocated for his Prophet is Sayyida Fatima Al Zahra a.s.
“Indeed your enemy is the one who will be without progeny.” 108:3

Excellence of reciting Sura Al Kawthar:
“One who recites this sura, Allah will serve him drink from the rivers of Jannah and will be rewarded equal to the number of sacrifice presented by the worshipper on the day of Eid.” Holy Prophet
“Reward for reciting the sura is compared to ten times the number of animals sacrificed on Eid ul Adhha every year till the day of qiyama.”
“One who recites (sura al kawthar) in his obligatory and recommended prayers, Allah will serve him drink from the Kawthar on the day of Qiyama and will be in the company of the Messenger of Allah under the shade of Tooba (tree).” Imam J’afar As Sadiq as.
Birth of Bibi Fatima:
When the time for delivery approached, Bibi Khadija called upon the women of Quraysh to help her deliver the baby. They all refused to come for they were not in favour of her marriage to the Prophet.
At that time 4 women whose beauty and illuminance cannot be described entered the room and introduced themselves as Sara (wife of Prophet Musa), Asiya bint Muzahim (wife of Firaun), Kulthum (sister of Prophet Musa) and Maryam (mother of Prophet Isa). They had come to assist her.

On a Friday 20th Jamadi ul Thani, 615 C.E. (45 years after the Prophet was born and 5 years after the revelation) the earth was blessed with birth of this lofty lady.

Love-hoob of Fatima:
“Indeed Fatima has been named Fatima because Allah will forbid the fire of hell from one who loves her.” Imam Ali bin AbiTalib a.s.

Lesson for children: The pagan Quraysh dumped rubbish entrails of animals upon the Holy Prophet in Masjidal Haram while he was praying. With her small hands Bibi Fatima removes the rubbish and comforts him. On other days when he would return home he would be greeted with sympathy and care by Bibi Fatima.
We as children let us not get too engrossed with our own affairs, but to open ourselves to be of service to our parents, even if they be deceased, and not to add to their burden of responsibility.

Reverence of Bibi Fatima by Holy Prophet:
Holy Prophet, when he used to travel the last person he would see was Bibi Fatima. When he returned the first person he would see would be Bibi Fatima.
The Holy Prophet used to stand up and receive Bibi Fatima when she visited him. This was clearly against the Arab customs for according respect to daughters.
The Holy Prophet used to kiss Bibi Fatima frequently starting that he would smell the fragrance of heaven.

Divine Reverence:
“O Ahmad! Had it not been for you I would not have created the celestial bodies. And had it not been for Ali I would not have created you. And had it not been for Fatima I would not have created both of you.” Hadith Al Qudsi.

Angel Jibrail, the trustworthy, asks: My Lord! who are these under the cloak? Allah Almighty responds: These are the AlhulBayt of Prophet and the centre of Messengership. They are Fatima, her father, her husband and her two sons (Hadith Al Kisa).

From the above it is noted that the introduction of the Prophet, wali of Allah (Imam Ali) and mother of the leaders of the youth of Jannah (Imam Hasan and Imam Husayn), who is also mother of the remaining Imams to the 12th Imam is done through Bibi Fatima. What an exclusive honour. This is the only lady linking Prophethood and Imamat.

Salutation by the Imam:
There are hadith from the 6th and 7th Imams praising their grandmother, Bibi Fatima, followed by salutations / salawat stating:” …salawatullahi alayha wa ala abiha wab’aliha wabaniha.” (Salutations be upon her –Fatima- her father, her husband and her sons)
This statement has become popular as salutations / salawat upon her in the form: “Allahumma salli ‘ala Faatimata wa abiha waba’liha wabaniha bi ‘adadi maa ahata bihi ‘ilmuk.” (O Allah send blessings upon Fatima, her father, her husband, her sons- the extent of which can only be encompassed by your Knowledge.)

Bibi Fatima: repository of a Divine secret:
In later times the Ulama have added “wasirril mustawda’ifiha” (the secret that was entrusted to her) prior to “bi ‘adadi maa ahaata bihi ‘ilmuk.”

One of the meanings of this secret is the final Imam Al Mahdi. For he is the one whom Allah will make to appear and establish Divine religion by his hands during the final age.
Bibi Fatima is the mother of this Sahibaz Zamaan- the master of the age.
Is this an indication of the secret of all the reverence accorded to this exalted lady?

Tawassul to Bibi Fatima:
To recite 530 times one of the following and ask dua:

“Allahumma salli ‘ala Faatimata wa abiha wa ba’liha wa baniha bi ‘adadi maa ahaata bihi ‘ilmuk.” (O Allah send blessings upon Fatima, her father, her husband, her sons- the extent of which can only be encompassed by your Knowledge).
Ilahi bihaqqi Faatimata wa abiha wa ba’liha wa baniha wa sirril mustawda’i fiha bi ‘adadi maa ahaatabihi ‘ilmuk.” (O Allah for the sake of Fatima, her father, her husband, her sons and the secret that was entrusted to her – the extent of which can only be encompassed by your Knowledge…)
O Lord of Fatima! By the sake of Fatima, pacify the heart of Fatima by the appearance of the Hujja, the son of Hasan, Al Mahdi, the Awaited.

Wa ma tawfiqi illa billah

Fazle Abbas Datoo